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fassatech headerYou are officially welcome to the website of the FASSATECH Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan.

This platform is created to serve as a medium of communication between the School and the external stakeholders.
Here, parents can visit to get News Update from the School, other members of the school community like staff can also read information regarding the school.
We promise to make this platform what we intended by it to serve.

Engr Fasasi


School Staff


ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Luqman Ayinla Fasasi (MNATT) Mrs Aminat Taiwo Luqman NCE, BA.Ed (MTRCN,MNATT) Mrs. Baliqis Popoola Olabisi NCE, B.Ed, M.Ed (MTRCN) Mr. Raheem Abiodun Atanda NCE, Mr. Lamidi Wasiu Mr. Olatunji Alade Mahphouz... READ MORE

School Calendar


 1. Staff Resumption 12th September, 2016 0 week 2. Pupils’Resumption 19th September, 2016 1st week 3. Dawah Programme 23rd September, 2016 1st week 4. 1st C.A. Test 27th october-1st November 2016 6th -7th... READ MORE